Booklet & Catalogue Options Explained


The most common size we see is 8.5” x 11” when finished, but we can accommodate other sizes too. Our Request for Quote form allows you to enter both the FINISHED and the FLAT SIZE. As the names suggest, the finished size refers to what size your booklet or catalogue will be when it’s completely finished and folded. The flat size refers to how large a single sheet would be if it were removed and laid flat. For example, if you had an 8.5” x 11” booklet, the flat size would likely be 17” x 11”.


We find that the most common paper stocks are either 80lb gloss or 100lb gloss. We have very aggressive pricing on our “floor stock” which is the standard 80lb and 100lb gloss stock that we keep on hand at all times. If you are working with a graphic designer or agency, they may have suggested a specific paper stock. We can accommodate these requests as well, just indicate exactly what you’re looking for on our Request for Quote form.

If you don’t want a glossy stock, feel free to indicate Matte or Silk. We also have paper weights both lighter than 80lb and heavier than 100lb if you are trying to achieve a specific look and feel or manage your budget. If you have any questions about paper stock or if you would like to see some paper samples, please contact us.

You will also want to consider what type of stock you would like for your cover. Often people go with a SELF COVER, which means that the outside pages are the same as the rest of the booklet or catalogue. Alternatively, you may wish to go with a COVER STOCK such as a 10pt or 12pt cover, which will be a little more rigid.

Number of Pages

You may see this expressed sometimes as 24 pages (8 sheets). That is because if you take a 17” x 11” flat sheet and fold it in half, you will end up with 4 pages (one page to each side of the fold, both on the front and the back). Most of our customers find it easiest to simply tell us the total number of pages, just keep in mind that if it is a folded booklet your total number of pages will have to be divisible by 4.


As printing techniques improve and costs come down we are finding that most people prefer to go with full colour process, or CMYK ink (also referred to as 4/4). However, if you are looking to keep costs down you may wish to have a full colour cover and black on the inside, or one colour and black. We can accommodate all of these options, as well as any other requests you may have.


The most important finishing option we will need to know is how you would like your booklet or catalogue bound. Most booklets are SADDLE STITCHED, which means the pages are folded in half and then stapled. Another popular option, often used for larger catalogues, is PERFECT BINDING which gives the final product a flat spine.

If you need any more help before requesting your quote, or if you would like to meet in person with a representative, please contact us. If you are going to be mailing your finished booklet or catalogue, you may want to consider some 10” x 13” envelopes.